Essay about Biography of the Great Mahatma Gandhi

Essay about Biography of the Great Mahatma Gandhi

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“What barrier is there that love cannot break?” ( quote shows how Gandhi believes in peace, and how you can overcome anything without resorting to violence. Mahatma Gandhi is important to history and today because of his background and contributions. Gandhi was his mother’s favorite child and she had great plans for him. This fueled his ambition to become great and fulfill his mother’s dreams for him. The way Gandhi was raised throughout his childhood helped shape him into the man he would become.
Gandhi was born on October 2nd, 1869, in Porbandar India (Mahatma Gandhi 1282). Mahatma was the fourth child of the prime minister of the small city state of Porbandar. He was born into a well respected Hindu family (Mahatma Gandhi). “His father was a high government official named Karamchand”. His mother was named Putlibai, who was very religious. His mother knew that he would contribute to the world.
Gandhi was his mother’s favorite child. She sensed he would do great things. Gandhi was a small child. He was determined though. Maybe that is what his mother saw in him. There were reasons for people to disagree with his mother’s thought that he would become great.
Gandhi was a very weak and small kid. He was also very shy. Mahatma did not excel in school either, he was very average. His school did not have very good resources to teach him with too. After he finished school his family decided to send him to London to study law.
Mahatma was very excited to go to London. “In the first half of his life Mohandas Gandhi was a friend of the British Empire”. Mahatma did not study very hard though while in London (Mahatma Gandhi 1282). “During the three years he spent in England, his main preoccupation was with personal and ...

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...ted hand-spinning, weaving and other skills. He also was very involved in the education department.
“Gandhi wrote extensively about education” ((Mahatma Gandhi on Violence and Peace Education). He cared a lot about educating everybody. Gandhi had made a “New Education”, which was part of his Constructive Programme.
“Generations to come, it may be,” said Albert Einstein, “Will scarce believe that a man such as Gandhi ever walked upon this earth” (Mahatma Gandhi). This quote from Albert Einstein showed the impact Gandhi had on others and how great of a person he was. Gandhi’s background and contributions greatly impacted everything and everybody around him. Gandhi’s mother, Putlibai, had very high expectations for him. This drove Mahatma to try to reach his mother’s hopes for him; which I would say he did. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi has forever changed this world.

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