Biography of Stevland Hardaway Morris Essay

Biography of Stevland Hardaway Morris Essay

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Stevie’s World
In the world, there are many people who run into obstacles that they say almost stopped them from doing what the wanted. One of these people is Stevland Hardaway Morris, or better known as Stevie Wonder. His story shows that no matter how hard the problem; to do what you believe in to accomplish what you never imagined. Stevie Wonder overcame blindness by teaching himself music, persevering through discrimination, and becoming one of the world’s most celebrated singers.
Wonder was born on May 13, 1950 in Saginaw, Mississippi. He was born six weeks prematurely and that was not healthy for him. He was put in an incubator for fifty two days so the doctors could work on saving his life. This is the known reason of why he is blind.(Page 40 “Higher Ground” by Craig Werner) This shows that Wonder had a disadvantage from the very beginning of his life.
At the age of five, Stevie Wonder found that he loved music and he was not going to let his blindness stop him. Despite him being blind, he went and taught himself how to play many instruments before anyone even knew who Stevie Wonder was. Then he began to be interested in making his own songs. In his mind, being blind was an inspiration to go for his dreams, which was to to sing and play music. This inspiration lead him to push himself forward. ( “Stevie Wonder Biography” by Peter Sean) This shows that he did not care what was wrong with him. It showed nothing was going to hold him back.
Stevie Wonder wanted to take part in writing music for a movie. How was a blind man supposed to write music for a movie? Some doubted him, but he did it. By telling another musician what to write, and the little details of how he wanted the music to go, he succeeded. (Page 23...

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... be the Grammys. Stevie Wonder won some Grammy Awards. He is actually one of the few singers who have won multiple Grammy Awards. Stevie Wonder won more than thirteen Grammy Awards just between the 70s and 90s, and still got more after that. (, “Grammy Awards of the 1990’s”, “Grammy Awards of the 1980’s”, Grammy Awards of the 1970’s”) He has shown that a blind man can do a lot.
Stevie Wonder showed that he can achieve goals no matter what the problem is. This shows that one can achieve in something no matter what the difficulty. To teach that, Wonder has achieved numerous goals by not only just being able to sing and play instruments, but to be recognized for it, and doing more than he ever imagined doing. Stevie Wonder has overcome the world by showing he can do things that others have only imagined to do, with the obstacle of being blind.

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