Biography of Paul Gauguin and Analysis of His Painting Apple Trees at L. Hermitage

Biography of Paul Gauguin and Analysis of His Painting Apple Trees at L. Hermitage

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My favorite painting is Apple Trees At L Hermitage by PAUL GAUGUIN ,the most famous painter of his age .This masterpiece represents his attitude towards drawing landscapes .This painting was accomplished in 1879 .The material used was Oil on canvas .It was accomplished in Paris . Now ,It can be found in Philadelphia Museum of Art, United States.
I mostly like this portrait as it is highly expressive of ruler life , meadows and trees .Nature is virgin with colors that can attract the eye and empowering passion to see how modernism has affected pure nature .

Biography of Paul Gauguin
Paul Gauguin was born in Paris on 7th June 1848. Leaving Paris , his family left for Peru where his father died .His life in Peru affected his paints and his views .When he was seven his family left Peru to go back to France where he lived with his grandfather till he joined the navy at the age of twenty. After that he got a job in Paris and married .
For art he shows interest in art in his childhood. Camille Pissarro his friend introduced him to his artist friends who accompanied him to practice art during the summer vacation. In 1881 , he held an impressionist exhibition .He moved to Copenhagen and left his family there to return alone to France .He wanted to commit suicide because of his disappointment as art in Europe was only imitation and lacked symbolism.
He travelled to many places around the world in order to see and paint, in addition to learning new painting techniques and taking parts in different art competitions. He died in Paris at the age of 54 because of illness and wine drinking in 1903. For style in painting he insisted on simple ,little way focusing on major lines using brushwork and wax . He used different colors in...

... middle of paper ... cloudless, rather unusual since most of paintings made that summer have puffy white clouds. The brilliant sunlight fades the green of the grass in the meadow. It must have been a calm day , the tree shows no sign of wind or breezes.
Though Paul died poor and his life became worse at the end as illness and wine ended him hopelessly, he is still a pioneer of his school of painting with more than one thousand painting that are spread in all international museums and sold in millions of dollars .Our chosen paining Apple Trees At L Hermitage has revealed the landscape type of painting that focused on impressionism that explicitly reflected his inner sight of nature ,the sky ,the sun ,the land and the trees with contrasting colors that sees to be more natural and vividly oriented .The hope that is born from white blue colors of the sky and green apple trees.

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