Essay on Biography Of Pablo Picasso 's A Beloved Friend, Carlos Casagemas

Essay on Biography Of Pablo Picasso 's A Beloved Friend, Carlos Casagemas

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Pablo Picasso is one of the most well respected artists of the 20th century and is widely known for introducing the genre of cubism into modern art. He was a diverse artist and dabbled in many different mediums, a dedicated painter, a sculptor, a ceramist and even took part in printmaking and playwright, producing roughly 22,000 works in his lifetime. Picasso was an accomplished traditionalist artist by his early twenties, then in 1901 during what’s known as his Blue Period, he transitioned from the realist era to abstract art. Following the suicide of a beloved friend, Carlos Casagemas, Picasso’s bereavement on top of his own struggle with poverty was thoroughly expressed in this sequence of intensely emotional paintings dominated with shades of blue and green.
In his journey through Paris, Picasso’s first paintings in this Blue Period memorialized Casagemas, and his themes started to revolve around darkness and mortality. His palette became restricted to blues and greens and with each painting depicting scenes of desolation and despair. Blue was symbolic, common in Spanish and Fre...

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