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Margaret Brent stands out in the beginning of American history for her daring and self-determination. She never married but that did not keep stop her from flourishing in a world ruled by men. Instead, she became a successful businesswoman, trading land and servants, and earned the respect of Governor Leonard Calvert, who entrusted her with managing his estate upon his death. (Witkowski) While these achievements were both unusual and significant, Margaret is best known for being the first woman in America to request the right to vote.
According to Lois Green Carrborn, the leading social and economic historian of the Colonial Chesapeake, Margaret was born sometime around 1601 and ended up being one of the thirteen catholic children born in Gloucester, England to Richard and Elizabeth Brent. Not much is known of her life until she migrated to Maryland in 1638, so they could practice their religion without penalty, with her brother Giles and her sister.(Witkowski) It takes a tough women to uproot her life on the chance that she might have a better one free of persecution. As a relation to Count Baltimore, lord proprietor of colonial Maryland, they were granted the same generous amount of land as the original Maryland settlers.(White) Margaret soon became good at business, profiting from lending money to new immigrants, importing and selling servants and representing herself in court to collect debts . The only way a women during this time could own and manage land was if she was not married. Margret is know because she did not marry allowing her to be an independent women.
However what makes Margaret stand out the most is that she was the first women to request the right to vote in the Maryland Assembly. When civil war broke out...

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... internationally recognized as the leading social and economic historian of the Colonial Chesapeake. She has made an indelible contribution to the State of Maryland in her professional and personal calling as Maryland’s preeminent Chesapeake historian.
WHITE, PAMELA J. "Margaret Brent--Maryland's First Female Lawyer." University Of Maryland Law Journal Of Race, Religion, Gender & Class 7.1 (2007): 11-13. Academic Search Complete. Web. 30 Apr. 2014.
Pamela J. White is an associate judge on the Eighth Circuit Court for Baltimore City in Maryland. She has served as a judge on the court since February 8, 2007 and her current term expires in 2023.
Witkowski, Monica C. "Margaret Brent (ca. 1601- 1671)." Encyclopedia Virginia. Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, 29 Jan. 2013. Web. 30 Apr. 201
Monica C. Witkowski is an independent scholar from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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