Biography Of Ludwig Van Beethoven On The Death Of The Emperor Joseph II Essay

Biography Of Ludwig Van Beethoven On The Death Of The Emperor Joseph II Essay

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Armoni Towner
Ludwig Van Beethoven is a very accomplished composer that worked really hard to get where he is today. During his first few years in Vienna many things happened to him. Beethoven first arrived in Vienna in November 10, 1792 despite the war that was going on between France and Austria. One of the first people that Beethoven reached out to was Hayden, who had seen a copy of the piece Beethoven had done on the death of the emperor Joseph II. After reading this “Haydn recognized that this swarthy, earnest young youth was somebody exceptional. Instruction began” (pg. 100)
During Beethoven studies with Hyden he is said to have composed more than two-hundred and forty-five extras. Hyden was not a precise in his teaching methods because his time was limited. Hyden actually left Vienna to visit London on January 19, 1974. This was the last time Beethoven studied with him. Later Beethoven said that he learned little from Hyden.
Another one of Beethoven’s teachers was Johann George Albrechstberger. Albrechstberger was the panjandrum of church music. “Albrchtberger took Beethoven through the paces from the paces from the simplest from problems on, as if his pupil were an absolute beginner.” Another one of Beethoven teachers on an informal note was Antonio Salieri. He was the Imperial Kapellmeister and director of the opera house. Salieri came to Vienna when he was only sixteen and some believe that the Emperor like his music better than that of Mozart. It is also rumored that Salieri poisoned Mozart because of their rivalry but Beethoven did not believe it because Salieri was so kind to him. Salieri taught Beethoven how to write for the voice. He even directed some of Beethoven’s Italian pieces for verbal accent.
“Hyden, Alb...

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...ce was spreaded by the people. Hyden even came to see the event and he enjoyed 2 of the 3 pieces that were played.
After this Beethoven was a very busy man playing in many different places. He became so well known that he picked up a pupil. In 1796 he went on a five month tour playing in many different cities. In Dresden he was awarded with a golden snuffbox by the Elector of Saxony because he enjoyed his music so much. He also played at the court of Fredrick William II.
In Beethoven’s first years in Vienna he composed many different works of all kind for many different people. He really liked to change himself and enjoyed exploring different possibilities. His music was so popular and distinct that when you heard it you knew that the person that wrote it was very talented. But as his time grew things started to change and he began a new era, the romantic change.

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