Biography of Joseph, Creator of the Analytical Theory of Heat and Head of Egypt Institute

Biography of Joseph, Creator of the Analytical Theory of Heat and Head of Egypt Institute

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Joseph was born on March 21, 1768 in France. He grew up with a mom, dad and twelve brothers and sisters. Out of all of the children, he was the ninth. His dad married his first wife and they had three children. His Father then remarried because his first wife died. They had nine more kids. Out of those nine kids, he was the sixth child. Joseph’s mom died when he was only nine years old. His father died the following year.
Joseph first went to school at Pallais’s School. The monks from the cathedral were in charge of the school. It was a military school. While in school, Joseph studied Latin, French and showed great potential. Even though he showed an aptitude for literature by the age of thirteen, he knew that he wanted to be in mathematics. In 1773, Joseph completed studying the six volumes of Bézout's Cours de mathématiques when he was fourteen. In the following year, when he was fifteen, he received the first prize for his study of Bossut's Mécanique en général.
In 1787, he was studying to prepare for the priesthood. Even though he went into the priesthood, he still wanted to do something with math. While he was in the priesthood, he helped a math professor with his lessons. He was unsure if he was making the right decision about the priesthood. However, he submitted a paper on algebra to Montucla in Paris and wrote a letter to Bonard stating his desire to influence mathematics.
The next year, Joseph started tutoring at Benedictine College. His problem of picking his religious life or a mathematics life became worse. It got much worse when he went into politics and joined the local Revolutionary Committee.
Joseph did not take his religious vows of priesthood. He left the cathedral in 1789 and he visited Paris and read a pap...

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...ize and distance from the sun. He thought that the only way the Earth would be this warm was because of interstellar radiation. This is the first time people have thought of the Earth’s atmosphere as an insulator.
Joseph never had a wife or any children. His health started getting worse in the year of 1830. He had experienced heart attacks when he was in Egypt and Grenoble. When he was in Paris, his breathing became more difficult. He would just have periods of time where he just stopped breathing. He fell down the stairs on May 4, 1830. A few days later, on May 16, 1830 he died in Paris. His tomb has been decorated with an Egyptian theme to show his position as secretary of Cairo. He had many mathematical accomplishments and has greatly influenced the mathematical field. Joseph Fourier is one, amongst the 72 others, to have his name inscribed on the Eiffel Tower.

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