Essay on Biography of J.K. Rowling

Essay on Biography of J.K. Rowling

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J.K. Rowling has severely influenced fantasy writing forever. Her multi-million dollar empire of the Harry Potter series has sold mililions of copies of books in over thirty five different languages, and the Harry Potter movie series has made over one million dollars in box office sales. She has created a whole new world, a world that millions of people around the world can connect to. J.K. Rowling has inspired many, including me, to write and to make your life the way you want it to be. I would like to spend the day with J.K. Rowling because she's the reason I learned to love reading and writing, and because she could teach me a lot of things.

Joanne Rowling was born on July 31, 1965 in Yate, England. Even as a child Rowling would write small, short stories. "I would use these short stories to entertain my little sister," said Rowling in an interview for The Biography Channel. Rowling had moved around a lot in her childhood, througout elementary and high school years. She graduated from Exeter University where she earned a degree in French and Classics. After she graduated from college, she moved to Portugal to be an Engilsh teacher. While in Portugal, Rowling met Jorge Arantes, who would become her future husband. They became married in 1992 and they had their daughter Jessica in 1993. After her marriage ended in divorce shortly after her daughter was born, Rowling moved to Edinburgh, Scotland with their daughter Jessica. While struggling to support herself and her daughter, Rowling started to write a book to try and help support their financial needs. The book would be called "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone', an idea Rowling had gotten on a delayed train ride on her way to Portugal. She worked on the book for about a...

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...e largest pre-ordered book in Barnes and Nobles history. Rowling has also recieved many awards for her writing. She recieved "Author of the Year", "Lifetime Achievement Award" and the "British Book Awards" in 1999 and in 2008. She also recieved "Booksellers Association Author of the Year" in 1998 and 1999.

In summary, I would like to spend the day with J.K. Rowling because she made me realize my love for reading and writing. She has created something that people all over the world can relate to, something people can go to when they need a break from reality. I would also like to spend the day with her because she can teach me so much . She could teach me how to be creative, and how to get yourself out of bad times. She's an inspiration to me, and to many others. J.K. Rowling is now the best selling author of all time, and she one hundred percent deserves that title.

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