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Biography of Jean Piaget Essay

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Jean Piaget was born in Neuchatel, Switzerland on August 9, 1896. He is the oldest child of Rebecca Jackson and Arthur Piaget. His father was a professor of medieval literature and showed great dedication to his studies, which was a trait that caught the attention of Mr. Piaget. At age ten Jean Piaget showed a great interest in mollusks that he began going to his local museum of natural history and he would spend hours exploring. When Jean Piaget was eleven years old, he attended Neuchatel Latin High School where, he wrote his first scientific paper on albino sparrow. After this he began writing many more scientific papers that by the time he was a teenager many of his papers on Mollusks were being widely published.
After High School, Jean Piaget went to the University of Neuchatel to study Zoology and received his Ph.D in natural sciences in 1918. That same year he spent a semester studying psychology under Carl Jung and Paul Eugen Bleuler at Zurich University. He developed such a deep interest in psychology that he left for Sorbonne in Paris, France to study abnormal psychology. Jean spent a year working at an institute created by Alfred Binet in Paris where he evaluated standardized tests that were meant to measure the intelligence of a child. Jean Piaget raised new questions about the way children learn and decided to revise the test. In 1921 he became director of J-J. Rousseau institute in Geneva. In 1923 Jean Piaget got married to Valentine Chatenay and had three children with her and he studied his children's intellectual development.
After many years of his career in child psychology Jean came up with four stages of mental development called a schema. Jean Piaget categories these stages by age but he has said ...

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...h these stages. They use this theory by applying what a child can or can't see, learn, hear and experience and it all depends on whether that child is at the stage where they can take in the knowledge that is being shown to them in a correct and positive manner.

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