Biography Of Jax 's Ultimate Goal Essay

Biography Of Jax 's Ultimate Goal Essay

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Jax’s ultimate goal is to change the nature of his MC from illegal ventures, to legal business opportunities to support his family and members. His premise behind moving the club in this direction is so that his home life can coexist in a peaceful nature with his club life and he will practice whatever method he sees meet to create this end goal. This lines up with the antihero characteristic of looking to create light in a world of darkness.
To understand deeper why Jax operates this way, you have to look at his personality dimensions. According to psychology expert Kendra Cherry the “big five” personality dimensions are: Extraversion, which includes characteristics such as sociability, assertiveness and emotional aspect. Agreeableness is next this includes trust, kindness and heart. After that there is conscientiousness which has common features of impulse control and goal directed behavior. Often those high in conscientiousness tend to be organized and mindful of details. Next is neuroticism, individuals high in this trait tend to experience emotional instability, anxiety, moodiness, irritability, and sadness. Lastly, there is openness which features, characteristics such as imagination and insight. Those high in this trait often experience a broad range of interests (Cherry).
When it comes to the big five, it is important to remember that each one represents a range between two extremes. An example would be how extroversion, which represents a continuum between extreme extroversion and extreme introversion. In the real world, most people lie somewhere in between the two polar ends of each dimension (Cherry).
Based on the big five, how does the antihero Jax personality measure up and explain his antihero characte...

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...liable. Empathy is a powerful emotion, and our understanding of these characters, even when they perform very questionable acts has a profound effect on us.
Additionally, we all have regrets, issues and personal demons; so watching characters with the same issues is super enticing. Gone are the characters prior generations grew up with, the characters that were pure, perfect, and could do no wrong. Characters like this do not relate to us any longer, because it is not who or what is around us anymore. When we realize that these antihero’s intentions are admirable, even though their activities are questionable, we relate and enjoy watching. When we relate the intentions of antiheros to “the end justifying the means” we recognize that as noble and the purpose is for good, then it does not matter to us the way the antihero’s goal is achieved bad, wrong or evil.

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