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Think about it how did you get to school today? Most of you would say a car. Have you ever thought of the person who made what 95 percent of Americans use every day? Henry ford made what 95 percent of American’s use today. He developed the Ford Model T Car which is the first design of an automotive vehicle that an average American can purchase. He is also known for many other inventions and being the few who paid his workers evenly and fairly. Henry Ford should be selected as the person who has contributed the most to American History between the years of 1876-1945 because he was the designer of the biggest invention of the 1900’s. Henry Ford was the founder of the Ford Model T. Henry Ford is mostly remembered for the designer of the Ford Model T, which allowed the modern American to purchase an automobile for their personal use of transportation, contributing to the development of the assembly line, allowing for quick and more efficient work to be done, and one of the few people who paid his workers evenly and gave his workers a very safe workplace which allowed many job opportunities for many people.
Henry Ford was born July 30th 1863 in Greenfield Township, Michigan. As a child his mother died and his father wanted him to take over the family farm but said “I never had any particular love for the farm, but it was the mother on the farm I loved” (Carson 2). In 1879 he left home to be an apprentice for machinery, allowing him to get a job as a steam engine operator for Edison Illuminating Company, which allowed him to work on gas powered trains. In 1893 Ford was promoted to a chief engineer, getting money from this title he was able to do experiments and be able to maintain his focus on developing machines that run on gasoline ...

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...lies and spend the day with them" (Ford Official Website). Henry Ford made sure all working condtions were good enough so that no injuries will occur during the manufacturing process. He made sure that the working conditions are safe by only hiring workers who are physically able to work without complication. "Henry Ford made sure all of his workers were safe while working and not exposed to any harm or danger" (Carson).
Henry Ford is the most reconized individual in our world today because of his invention of the Model T. Henry Ford's legacy will live on together and his company will always be expanded and innovated to fit a vechicle for the average consumer. The Ford company is one of the biggest car industy buisnesses in the world today. That is why Henry Ford should be on the title of the magazine because of the invention that changed the way we travel today.

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