Biography of Frederic Douglass Essay

Biography of Frederic Douglass Essay

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Frederic Douglass was truly a remarkable man. Born a slave, he made himself into one of the largest political and social figures of his time. He earned his wisdom by going through pain, cruelty, ingustice and suffering, but by writing a book and sharing his wisdom with the world Frederic Douglass earned immortality. "The Narrative of life" explains that the key to his success was education, which he believes is the light in the darkness of slavery.
Nowadays education is widely available, and, in all first-world countries, required. School is treated as a prison where you spend 12 years of your life, and then move on with your life. Knowing how to read, write and do arythmetics is a basic skill, mastered by everyone. Education has lost it's value, it's true purpose is obstructed by the government and society. In the time of Douglass, knowledge was a privilledge. Only the richest citizens could afford education. They also made sure to deny the privilledge to anybody from a lower bracket. Slaveholders, people who kept Frederic ignorant and obedient, knew what the power of knowledge coul...

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Biography of Frederick Douglass Essay

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