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Biography of Bill Gates Essay

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Social Studies Social Report: Bill Gates
Bill Gates
Did you know that the richest man in the world is Bill gates? He currently has a net worth of 96 million dollars. Bill Gates is the inventor of the global software giant, Microsoft. About 48 percent of computers around the world are running Microsoft Windows. Windows is the #1 biggest software company in the world. This Report contains information on Bill Gates, and his life's story.

Background/Early Life
Bill Gates was born and raised in Washington. Bill Gates started Programming at the age thirteen. He began programming at Lakeside high school in Washington, His first computer program was a tic-tac-toe game. Bill grew up in his upper-middle class family. His family includes His mother (Mary Maxwell Gates), he spent a lot of time with her, His Father (William H. Gates Sr., a lawyer), his parents were worried about Bill's social behavior, and his sisters (Kristianne and Libby [Kristianne is older].) His parents were strong believers in public education.
Bill always strived for excellence. Bill always loved strategy and board games. Bill Gates also was a great reader. He spent most of his time reading and programming. Bill Gates was always a good student. Later on he would often times would brag to his teacher saying,"I'm going to be a millionaire by i'm 30!", and he ended up being a billionaire by age 31. Bill Gates was.Bill Gates was soo smart that he was bored with school. Bill Gates got an SAT score of 1590 out of 1600.
Bill most of his free time on the computer at school. When a company funded a computer rental that you had to pay for minutes, Bill hacked the program and got unlimited minutes. Later Bill offered the company to debug it for them. I his senior yea...

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...75, Bill called the computer company, MITS, Bill offered to develop the software for their first personal computer, the Altair. When 1976 rolled around, Bill and his friend Allen, registered their trademark: Microsoft. And in 1978, their sales exceeded one million dollars. Microsoft Windows 95 was launched in 1995, also in 1995 Internet Explorer was created. Gates stepped down from his position as CEO of the company in the year 2000, he gave the chair to his former college roommate, Steve Ballmer.
In conclusion, Bill Gates is the richest man in the world. Bill is also the creator of one of the biggest software company in the world, Microsoft/ Microsoft Windows. He has his own Charity, and has given over 23 million dollars to assorted charities. Gates went to Lakeside School and went to Harvard U for two years. Bill Gates Started programming at the age of thirte

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