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Ansel Easton Adams born February 20, 1902 in San Francisco, California. Adams is famously known photographer and environmentalist. Ansel Adams best known for his iconic images of the Yosemite Park and the great American West. Most of Adams’s photographs was about the environment, nature, and landscape. Due to his love for the beauty of nature, Adams help promote, and protect the American wilderness. Ansel Adam first talent was playing the piano, it became his passion. But that surely change in the year 1916, Adams who took a trip to Yosemite National Park began to have interest in photography. According to Adams, his first experience with the camera, “were very poor photographs indeed” (Adams, 43). Ansel Adams first camera was a Kodak No.1 Box Brownie that was introduced in 1888. He did not give up on photography and continued to learned about the techniques of a camera, darkroom, and attended photography exhibits. What are Ansel Adams achievements that help and expanded photography? He had a lot of critics during his lifetime but Ansel Adams wasn’t an ordinary photographer. Ansel Adams was an important and great pioneer of photography.
When Ansel Adams met Alfred Stieglitz in 1933, he was inspired by creative photography. Stieglitz approached to creative photography as stated.
I have the desire to photograph. I go out with my camera. I come across something that excited me emotionally, spiritually, aesthetically. I see the photograph in my mind’s eye and I compose and expose the negative. I give you the print as the equivalent of what I saw and felt.
Ansel Adams thought that Stieglitz explanation about photography was the most valid statement of the roots of creativity. Adams was opposed to the pictorialist movement, this...

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