Essay about Biography of Abraham Maslow

Essay about Biography of Abraham Maslow

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Once in a generation, and only a few rare instances in a millennia, a certain designation of academic and/or scientist enters into the pursuit of knowledge that captures the epitome of makeup and living -the dynamic of life- to such a prolific magnitude that the world is revolutionized in their wake. Abraham Maslow so completely documented and achieved a level of understating of the causes of human events that his work effectively captivates the struggle of human life and achievement. His theories on the constitution of human needs provide an explanation as to just exactly why people do the things they do, and demonstrate the integral forces behind human behavior. His pyramid is an ubiquitous reference to the needs of human beings, and serves as a guide to those in positions of authority and influence when carrying out their duties for their constituents/charges. It also serves as invaluable doctrine for any and all who wish to take the necessary steps to take care of themselves, and learn the appropriate steps by which to lead fulfilling and successful lives, by outlining the empirical needs of the individual, and in which order they need be addressed. Furthermore, his observations regarding these steps constitute a guide by which to achieve a panacea for the difficulties of life’s struggles: from everyday petty grievances, to even the most arduous of scenarios- ending with (assuming the first levels have been met) a state of sublimity and enlightenment, also known as self-actualization. However, to confine Maslow’s accomplishments to his work in the “Pyramid/ hierarchy of needs” would hardly be sufficient, rather, a gross misrepresentation of a lifetime of work on behalf of humanity, and an account, while even unable to do...

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...r years, in the twilight of his career, that Maslow served as a professor at Brandeis University (for a duration of 17 years), and suffered his first heart attack, in 1967. At this point, Maslow, apparently having achieved a level of self actualization, recognized his time on earth was limited, and his legacy was to be made. These were the years (3, to be exact) when he infatuated himself with visions of the future of psychology, and his duty to to stimulate the minds of prospective and developing psychologists. Then, one seemingly unnoteworthy day (June the eigth, 1960), Maslow suffered a severe heart attack while jogging, of all things, and passed away.

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