Essay Bioenergy is Renewable Energy Derived from Biological Sources

Essay Bioenergy is Renewable Energy Derived from Biological Sources

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What is bioenergy?
Bioenergy is renewable energy created accessible from materials derived from biological sources. Biomass is any organic material that has hold on daylight within the form of chemical energy. As a fuel it could contains straw, wood, sugarcane, wood waste, manure, and plenty of alternative byproducts from a range of agricultural processes.
In its narrow meaning, it's an equivalent word to biofuel that is fuel derived from biological sources. The broader sense of bioenergy consist of biomass, the biological material used as a biofuel, as well as scientific, economic, social, and technical fields related to using biological sources for energy.

Types of biofuels
Solid biofuels:
Solid biofuels include manure, wood or charcoal burned as fuel as well as more recent innovations like high-density clean burning pellets. Solid biomass can be burned to produce electricity or heat either as part of a co-firing power plant or by itself. The most important advantages of biomass fuel is that it is most of the time got by waste-product of other processes, product or residue, such as farming, animal husbandry and forestry. In theory this suggests there's no competition between food production and fuel, although this can be not continually the case.
Liquid biofuels:
Disparate other renewable sources of energy, biomass can be converted directly into biofuels for our transportation needs (airplanes, cars, buses, trucks, and trains). The most important types of biofuels are two, which is biodiesel and ethanol.

Corn can be harvested to produce ethanol.
Biodiesel is made by integrating vegetable fat, oil animal, or recycled cooking greases with alcohol (usually metha...

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...ydrocarbons directly, without the need for a complex chemical process to break down cellulose.
In the process of extracting energy from the sun, algae may be the best organic intermediary, since they can double their size in a day, making them among the most efficient organisms at converting light energy into biomass. Oil is then extracted from the algae, creating a product almost chemically indistinguishable from light, sweet crude oil, except that it is green in color. From the thousands of algae species, those high in starch are best, since they need a good supply of carbon dioxide to grow at an acceptable clip, and they can feed on nutrients in sewage, raising the appealing prospect of producing fuel while treating sewage. They are aquatic, but can grow isalty or brackish water so they don't have to compete for the land and water needed to grow food crops.

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