Essay about Biodiesel Production Using Supercritical Methanol

Essay about Biodiesel Production Using Supercritical Methanol

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A major part of all the energy produced worldwide comes from fossil fuel sources. These sources are limited and are depleting at a fast pace. The depletion of these fossil sources has led to the search of alternative fuels from renewable sources like plant biomass. Vegetable oil is one such renewable source. Vegetable oil has gained much attention in recent years since it has many environmental benefits and it can be obtained from renewable sources. The energy from vegetable oil can be tapped by converting it to biodiesel. In the recent years, such bio renewable fuels have been in the spot light due to the many benefits. For example, biodiesel can be effectively used to replace petroleum based diesel, without significant changes to the engines and combustion systems.
Considering the near future energy demands, there is huge potential for alternative energy sources like biodiesel. According to the International Energy Outlook 2013, petroleum based liquid fuels will be the world’s dominant fuel sources at least until 2040. The liquid consumption is projected to increase to about 115 million barrels per day in 2040. The oil prices are projected to rise from a current 105 USD per barrel to a soaring 163 USD per barrel in 2040, which is about 36% increase in a period of just 26 years (IEO, 2013). Though biodiesel will replace a small fraction of the petro-diesel demand, the petroleum market being be sensitive to even small fluctuations in supply (West et al.,2006), this additional availability of fuel will have a significant impact on the prices of petroleum based diesel.
Another important aspect which motivates the use and production of biodiesel is the reduction in green house gases. Combustion of conventional diesel produces NOx,...

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