Essay on Biochemistry and Biochemical Sciences

Essay on Biochemistry and Biochemical Sciences

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Throughout history, civilisation, existence, humanity has made boundless discovery, of which many handfuls, scientists have paved the way. Biochemistry and Biomedical sciences are arguably at the forefront of the battle against any harmful substances, diseases, mutations, and complications that threaten our phenomenal ecosystem. Organisms thriving within their niche is one of the many beauties of life. The fact that there is an ample amount of facts about the universe and science yet to be discovered intrigues me.
Venturing into the realm of theories, whether it be extra terrestrial life, behavioural evolution or gravity, I believe there are fundamental questions to be answered, and as such, innovative and constructive theories that can be observed to be true. Thus my desire to delve deeper into millions of intricacies of our chemical and molecular structure, is due to my unlimited curiosity. Whilst reading scientific articles, one particular article caught my eye. An ectopic pregnancy of a 75year old woman, had triggered an immune response, calcifying the dead foetus which was still feeding off her organs. While I love to read about such scientific breakthroughs, I yearn for the chance to take active part in some of the breakthroughs to emerge in science over the next 20 years. It ignited the idea, that perhaps through extensive research, in the near future, scientist will be able to formulate drugs to trigger an immune response, similar to that of the woman's. The calcium coating will not only act as a more secure vesicle, segregating other bodily functions, from the hydrolysis of the contained foreign body, and protecting nearby cells, but can later be hydrolysed itself.

Years ago, while on holiday in Havana, Cuba, a few men...

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...the competency of appropriately relating with people of all walks of life which contributed to my being elected as a House Prefect. Four years ago, I joined the Army Cadet Force. I was excited and nervous to embrace new challenges. Most of the time, I truly enjoyed the CCF, but the times I disliked were, ironically, beneficial for my physical strength.

I learnt the essence of teamwork, and to exercise patience , thus gaining a wider perspective on the fruits of hard work. I matured under pressure, altered my priorities, and steadily earned my promotions. Thus increasing responsibilities have refined my ability to adapt.

Studying Biochemistry or Biomedical Sciences at university would, I believe, not only help me enhance these qualities, but also broaden my scientific conduct . This opportunity will act as a solid foundation for the feats I hope to achieve in life.

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