Bio-Fuel Energy: Oil Palm Essay

Bio-Fuel Energy: Oil Palm Essay

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Oil palm is a multipurpose plantation yet it is also productive producer of biomass. Palm oil industry’s waste may provide an alternative sources of bio-fuel energy like bio-ethanol, bio-methanol, bio-hydrogen and bio-diesel. The oil palm is a well-known plants for its other substances of renewable energy with enormous quantity of biomass by-products that are developed to produce value added bio-plastic, methane gas, bio-compost, organic acids, plywood, animal feedstock and activated carbon. Commonly, palm oil forms around 10% of the whole palm tree, whereas the other 90% remains as biomass which is full of cellulose and fibre that generally used to generate steam for power generation in palm oil mills (Lim, 2010). Significantly, it can reduce the use of electricity and energy at the oil palm processing factory.
There is a large potential of converting EFB into renewable energy resource that could replace the existing energy demand at the oil palm processing factory or other industries. Shredding, chipping and drying are pre-treatment steps that are required to improve the fuel property of EFB (Zafar, 2013). This process will significantly improve its handling properties and cut the transportation cost. Under such scenario, EFB along with kernel shells and mesocarp fibres are currently used to provide heat for mills that can be relieved for other usages off-site with higher economic profits for palm oil millers (Zafar, 2013). This method can replace the usage of fossil fuel for biomass boiler combustion and somehow plantation consortium may experience cost saving for this change.
Plentiful sources of oil palm based biomass provide a stimulus for the sustainable generation of bio-ethanol. Conversion of biomass into bioethanol, p...

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