Essay on Binge Eating Disorder (BED)

Essay on Binge Eating Disorder (BED)

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According to Nanci Hellmich in USA today, binge-eating disorder, or BED, is the consumption of large amounts of food on a frequent basis without the purging of food (2007). This occurs at least twice a week at rapid consumption, consuming a significant amount of food and calories. This is done in one sitting beyond the feeling of satiation. Obesity is almost always the result (Hellmich, 2007). Poor body image and poor health are seen more so with those who binge-eat compared to other eating disorders. BED occurs later in life (Nunez et al., 2011). BED normally begins in adolescence or adulthood. However, the behavior can begin in childhood as well (Tanofsky-Kraff et al., 2013). The behavior itself typically doe not manifest into BED until adolescence or adulthood (Tanofsky-Kraff et al., 2013).
Childhood physical and sexual abuse are high determinates in binge eating disorders. Children who are abused are twice as likely to develop BED (Ericsson et al., 2012). Abuse victims attempt to relieve stresses by outlets such as food consumption. Guilt and hopelessness immediately follows (Tanofsky, 2007).
Children exposed to bullying because of being overweight are more likely to develop binge eating behavior (Tanofsky-Kraff et al., 2013). This adds stress to the child’s low self-esteem. Parents can be responsible for critical comments.
Parental psychopathology also influences eating disorders. Eating disorders are with internalizing and externalizing behaviors such as physical or mental abuse; or withdrawal and neglect (Ericsson et al., 2012). Studies have shown that those of higher socio-economic status (SES) have a greater association with persons who suffer from BED. People with hig...

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...ves of Psychiatry & Psychotherapy. 15(1), 19-33.
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