Binge Drinking : Poisoning College Students Essay

Binge Drinking : Poisoning College Students Essay

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Yi Yang
Instructor: Randall L. Arthur
English 20
Binge Drinking is Poisoning College Students
The problem of binge drinking, especially among college students, is an important issue that must be solved as soon as possible. “Too Many Colleges are Still in Denial about Alcohol Abuse” by Wechsler et al. and “the Battle of the Binge” by Jack Hitt focus on a similar point relating to binge drinking. Supported by reliable surveys and rigorous analysis, “Too Many Colleges are Still in Denial about Alcohol Abuse” illustrates how binge drinking does harm to college students and proposes a feasible solution to it from the perspective of college officials. On the other hand, Jack Hitt displays the alcohol-related damages by recalling what he saw and heard and analyzes what’s the key to get out of this. Both of the two articles utilize a call to action to appeal to everyone to eliminate binge drinking out of our culture.
It is not groundless to claim that the problem caused by binge drinking among college campus is not marginal but very common. Although some colleges haven’t realized its gravity, “the recent national surveys of college students’ drinking that we conducted for Harvard University’s School of Public Health documented that alcohol is still rife” (Wechsler et al. 336). This situation is also verified by Hitt’s own experience that his professor even bought beer for his students at the pub in “the Battle of the Binge”; hence one can speculate the popularity of binge drinking and people’s unawareness on the issue.
Additionally, “excessive drinking is not a new problem, on campus or in the society the campus reflects” (Wechsler et al. 336). Rome is not built in one day; the culture of binge drinking among colleges has also ...

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...n choice, the college officials are obligated to create a clean environment to lower their students’ accessibility to alcohol drinks and project effective policies to protect their students and prevent alcohol-related problems. Only when all the college students get rid of binge drinking can we “build the communities of civility and respect on campuses” (Wechsler et al. 337). Anyway, those who grow up intoxicated by alcohol drinks can hardly make positive contributions to our society, but tend to be a potential threat to the safety of people around and themselves. In conclusion, binge drinking is a time bomb and we should eliminate it before it is too late.
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Works Cited
Wechsler ET AL. “Too Many Colleges are Still in Denial about Alcohol Abuse.” The Norton Reader (1975): 336-340
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