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On any given night on a college campus, one may wander into the dungeons of upperclassmen housing to find themselves immersed in an environment resembling an African jungle. Crowds of teenagers huddle around a keg like bison to a watering hole, lines of empty cans mimic the marshes and vines blocking any clear path to the bathroom, and the alpha-male guarding his title at the beer pong table just as a Cougar would protect his leadership. Where does this behavior stem from? Why are commuter students and those who do not attend college not found in such situations? Why does the average college man drink 5-10 drinks on a given party night? (Hitti, 2006). The answers to these questions lie in the fact that alcohol is a social drug, one whose addiction renders it a necessity to all who participate.
The first and most obvious social system that explains why binge drinking plagues college campuses is the relationship students develop amongst peers. Students have less people to look up to and admire while at college. They are on their own; free from their family and the restrictions they have known their entire lives. All of these changes bring with them stress; students lack the same outlets they used for relief, and thus must turn towards alternate means to expend that stress. This is where peer bonds come into play. The bonds two peers form at college can grow to become stronger than family bonds were before the two met. Students on campus spend their entire lives together, many times living together, going to class, and participating in extra-curricular activities together. It is no surprise then, that when one student introduces another student to alcohol, the other student is more willing to partake in consumption. Binge drinking ...

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...they may feel controlled and oppressed. Those not attending college on the other hand will not experience this feeling as they are “free” in the sense of classes and homework assignments, to do as they may. Since they are not surrounded by peers with like rebellious intentions, they will be less likely to take an action against the legal systems that put these rules into place.

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