Essay on Billy Is A Salesm The Old Ways Vs. The New Technology

Essay on Billy Is A Salesm The Old Ways Vs. The New Technology

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The Internship (2013) is about two middle-aged sale marketers who used to sell a small amount of products to local businesses that was until their company unexpectedly closed down leaving them jobless and in a mess trying to find a job that pays well without having a degree. The pair split in attempt to find themselves these sustainable jobs. However only one out of the two seems to find a somewhat decent job as a salesman at a mattress shop. This job is short lived when Billy comes up with the idea to become an intern at Google. Once they have the internship Billy and Nick have to face several challenges before they can even think about having the job that comes after if they succeed. However one challenge that is persistent throughout is the old ways vs. the new technology.
Main Characters
Billy is a salesman. He has an ambitious character that craves more to live when he loses his job. He wants to do right by himself and his friend by finding a new start. Billy seems to have all the dreams in the movie or at least the optimism to start chasing them. Billy is seen as a sweet talker that can talk you into buying anything from him. The only problem is, will it help pass the challenges in The Internship (2013). Billy is obviously one of the main characters as he is featured throughout the movie beginning to end
Nick is the other half to the salesman duo. He often has Billy side and is usually the one who resolves the conflict in a group. If Billy had a really good idea Nick will most undoubtedly join him in making the idea a reality. Nick is one of the two main characters as he is featured from the beginning of the movie right until the end. The story also revolves around the choices made by the duo.
Central point of th...

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...lly and Nick are great examples of this as they care for the wellbeing of their team and often just motivate them to try harder next time.
• When a team member doesn’t do their job
o When the customer care challenge is about to start, Billy does not hear the instructions to log in and thus when the challenge is completed he is told that due to his lack of attention his team won’t get the points they deserved.
There are numerous ways to resolve conflict, the following are examples that were either applied in the movie or could have been applied.
• The team learned to control their stress by believing in each other and started to work as a team instead of just working for themselves.
o This cleared the problem of resource allocation and culture clash.
o Billy and Nick are really good at crisis management as they calm the team down after their many fails and arguments.

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