Billy Elliot is a Story of a Young Boy's Journey to Become a Professional Dancer

Billy Elliot is a Story of a Young Boy's Journey to Become a Professional Dancer

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Billy Elliot is a story of a young boy’s journey to fulfil his dream in becoming a professional dancer. The story takes place in Everington, in a coal mining town with the cultural norm expecting boys to participate in boxing. However, Billy challenges this norm by choosing to dropout of boxing and take up ballet instead. This movie illustrates the obstacles that he faced and how he battled his way to overcome them to become a professional dancer.

The social environment of a child is very important to the development of their respective sport as it has direct implications to their motivation level and their willingness to learn. Billy was not in a supportive social environment when he was practicing boxing. Billy lost his mother at a very young age and life at home was not very smooth sailing as both his father and brother were striking miners, causing them to be easily irritated and often took their anger out on him. Billy had no interest in boxing but was pressured into taking up boxing by his father and the culture of the environment which he was placed in.

Without passion and the motivation, Billy always performed badly during boxing classes, he was often made to fork out extra time to polish up his basic skills before he could call it a day. This failure was a great blow to Billy’s confidence causing him to have a very low perceived competence level. In addition, Billy had several issues with the coach, he was not only an aggressive man with strict and regimented routines, he screams and yells all the time, often embarrassing him in front of everyone.
Chancing upon ballet one day drawn him to this less demanding activity, he began practicing with the help of the teacher and became the only boy in the crowd. The teacher al...

... middle of paper ...

...further to continue with what he loves, to dance.

Billy decided to dance for his dad after being caught practicing in the gym with his buddy. This reflects his eagerness to demonstrate his high competence after successful practices, in hope to demonstrate and seek acceptance from his dad which it did and it brought them closer. After realising his potential, he agreed to the audition and insisted that he should fork out the money for the trip to London. They then worked to overcome the financial setback in realising his dream together with his brother who caught him dancing on the rooftop one day, in search for a better future. With the support, Billy succeeded and travelled around the world for performance.
Being intrinsically motivated in ballet, Billy strives for excellence despite the obstructions and with the “right” environment, he accomplishes his dream.

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