Essay The Bill 1671 Signed By California Governor Jerry Brown

Essay The Bill 1671 Signed By California Governor Jerry Brown

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The Week continues with the Assembly Bill 1671 signed by California governor Jerry Brown. The bill criminalizes many forms of whistleblowing in the health-care industry. The author believes that this bill is ill-advised and states that Planned Parenthood doesn’t want anyone looking at their operations. In Columbia, the Communist guerrillas were defeated, however, the vote to ratify a treaty with the guerrillas was rejected. The author believes that people do not trust the guerrillas and we would have voted the same way they did. Hungary’s and many of the other European countries are against the European Union resettling hundreds of refugees. They are worried about their country’s safety and that the Paris terrorist attack might reoccur. The U.S. government and the Dutch Safety Board concluded that Russia is responsible for the Fight 17 missing in July 2014. They are planning to find suspects and bring criminal charges. Twitter suspended a professor of law of the University of Tennessee for ambiguous tweet about the North Carolina Riot. Although, “Twitter insists that is does not engage in censorship or political filtering.” UMass Amherst, has declared Harambe jokes racist because of the African-American community group made Harambe. The University of Michigan is asking students to choose their pronouns they want to be called and declared that students with “genderqueer” can choose “ze” or “xyr.” A man is refusing to dress his dogs in costume that have gender labels and want PetSmart to remove gender labels. Michael Rosen had a statue of Vladimir Lennin in one of this luxury building; but moved it because he sold it. A new conservative magazine called the “Conservative” has been published ACRE, the Alliance of Conservatives, Reform...

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...patent Simon Shiao Tam, Asian-American band called “Slants” due to racial abuse for people of that descent. William argues that Tam should win his case because there are many words in the English language that go unchallenged and it is obvious this case is political.

James Comey’s Dereliction by Andrew C. McCarthy is about Hillary Clinton’s internet scandal and the FBI director James B. Comey wanting to prosecute her. The FBI looked at the emails and concluded that there wasn’t enough evidence to make a case against her in the Supreme Court. The author believes that there was enough evidence and Obama Administration gave Comey instruction to not make a case against Clinton. I disagree. I don’t think that the Obama Administration would hide anything as serious that could affect the country’s safety. Although, I know government can be crooked and this could be true.

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