Bill of rights in South Africa Essay

Bill of rights in South Africa Essay

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Bill of rights in South Africa

As an average teenager I don’t know a lot about human rights but what I do know is that it is here to protect all of us, and I learned that every right has a responsibility.
I don’t think that human rights are being applied to everyone.
What are human rights? Human rights is a law that is applied to everyone and is meant to be followed by everyone, the main outcome of human rights is to make everyone equal and to let everyone live their own lives in a fair and equal society with no unfair or wrong actions that are meant to be done, human rights is also a way to solve almost every problem in school, business and try to make everyone live in peace.
Everyone has the right to life, nobody is allowed to kill you, and you may live your life to the full.
In South Africa there are a lot of people that is being killed through either robbery, anger, rape, racism, hate, jealousy or even no reason at all. South Africa is a county that is strongly against taking someone’s life away yet it is one of the highest countries in the world for murder.
Another very big reason and the main reason for crime and murder is a gun licence, if the government banns all gun stores and doesn’t let anyone carry a gun licence with them the crime rate would drop by a big percentage.
In South Africa currently in 2014 there are 18 people that are murdered every day.
Examples of murder in South Africa are the Oscar Pistorius murder, the road rage murder and the murder of the parent’s children. If another country hears out countries name they would think of crime
Slavery, servitude and forced labour
A slave is not allowed it is a person that cannot live his own li...

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...them and they don’t take up too much space.

Political Rights
Everyone has the right to vote for their own choice of party in elections and at 18 you can join or start a party for people to vote for you.
There has been cheating in some of the election days that some of the people that count lie or throw away they votes for one party do they don’t win, reason is because they are being paid to do so or they want the party they are voting for to win, how to solve put a live stream of the people counting the votes to anyone to watch so anyone could spot them out cheating.
There are also people that pays a lot of people to vote for their party or forces them to, reason they want their party to one, how to solve this is to stay away from people that you don’t know and vote for who you want to.

By: Zakaria Radaideh

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