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In the United States, public schools have financial difficulties. They are also impacted by reducing enrolments and cuts in local, state and federal funding, which the result is eliminating the programs such as music, art, and physical education. Therefore, some corporation and individual donors start to help the public schools to prevent them shutting down. Bill and Melinda Gates, Eli Broad, and Walter Annenberg are the funders which donate millions of dollars to the public school in order to improve public education.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has made a commitment to education. The foundation has the broad goal of supporting K-12 student’s success, especially for those who are from low-income communities which have an education funding into the development of resources, research, and teacher training. Unrequested applications and letters from the query are generally not accepted, but they are announced on the foundation 's website as they become available. Gates has offered a great deal of support by way of providing grants for research and resource development around academic standards, particularly the Common Core. K-12 grant seekers should focus on its College-Ready Education program, which emphasizes personalized learning, high academic standards, a tight bond among students and teachers, and opportunities for teacher collaboration and information sharing.
Bill Gates and his wife Melinda, the Gates Foundation 's massive range is based on the simple proposition "that all lives have equal value." The foundation, therefore, seeks "to find solutions for people with the most urgent needs, wherever they live." Internationally, the foundation focuses on less industrialized countries with the goal of "improving people...

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...l as national education organizations, smaller school districts, and less-known national organizations may find it harder to contend.
Innovation coupled with strong leadership is key to Broad 's education grants, which it leans on its Current Investments page.
In addition to its grantmaking, the foundation has three "flagship initiatives": the Broad Prize for Urban Education, which offers scholarships to students in high-acting urban districts; The Broad Prize for Public Charter Schools, "given to the urban public charter school management organization that demonstrates the most outstanding overall student performance and improvement in the country"; and The Broad Center for the Management of School Systems, which seeks "to raise student achievement by engaging, training and associating leadership ability from across America to alter urban public school systems."

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