Bill Gates And Paul Allen The Founders Of Microsoft Essay example

Bill Gates And Paul Allen The Founders Of Microsoft Essay example

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Technology has been something that over the years has steadily evolved, become obsolete, and discovered ever since the beginning of time. In 1975, technology would be introduced to a pair of college dropouts looking to make a difference. These two individuals were Bill Gates and Paul Allen the founders of Microsoft. Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded the company Microsoft with a massive vision for the time, and that was the in the future there would be a personal computer on every desktop and home ("A History of Windows" n.d.) . This vision has more than ever become a true statement, and then some. Microsoft has become a technological giant with over 80% of personal computers in service today using its operating system (Parsons, 2014, p.194). The biggest question is how did two college dropouts get lucky enough to form a technological giant that is able to evolve so well that it stays ahead of the times?
The journey in how Microsoft was formed begins in a computer lab in Seattle, Washington where both Bill Gates and Paul Allen grew up and went to school. The two boys met while both were attending Lakeside school in a computer lab. They became very close friends fast once they saw that each had a profound interest in computers capabilities. While attending Lakeside school Paul Allen and Bill Gates took it upon themselves to hack into the system of the company that was providing the computers to the school ("Bill Gates" n.d.). Once caught instead of expelling the boys the company and school agreed to let them go and take all the glitches out of the system they were able to locate. From there the two boys went on to write a few other small programs before moving on with their school careers. Neither of these lasted very long befor...

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...a royalty to Microsoft on every machine they shipped, regardless of whether any Microsoft software was on it (Rohm 1998)."
This statement at the time was true for Microsoft was the tech . giant of its time, but since the federal government stepping in and making new rules and laws others such as Apple have been able to enter the market. This has caused a vast slip in Microsoft 's hold on the consumer market. Microsoft is still a very powerful company, and a true Cinderella story because it defied many odds to get to the status it hold now. Coming from a basement run business with two drop out to a multibillion dollar company that controls many aspects of the market. Microsoft while running a low point now has managed to stay successful by adding, evolving, and staying up to date, and its just a matter of time before it comes up with something else state of the art.

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