Bill Clinton : The President Of The United States Essay

Bill Clinton : The President Of The United States Essay

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On November 1995, Bill Clinton made a huge mistake that would cost him his position as the president of the United States. Having sexual relations with then intern, Monica Lewinsky has affected many people all over the world in different ways. Since 2005,Clinton has been rated as one of the top presidents according to an ABC News poll. Although he is considered a prime president since scandal has affected his family, supporters, the national government and relations with other countries. I believe the speech; “I Have Sinned” was intended mainly for the U.S citizens, his family and friends, the national government, allied countries, his religion and anyone else affected by this scandal.

Bill Clinton’s main audience he intended the speech to be was for his family and friends. This included Hillary Clinton, his daughter, friends and Monica Lewinsky. Clinton said in his speech, “And if my repentance is genuine and sustained, and if I can maintain both a broken spirit and a strong heart, then good can come of this for our country as well as for me and my family.” He shows that he is trying to accept his family and friends forgiveness by first trying to forgive himself. Once he forgives himself and could live knowing the sin he has committed then he could carry on loving his family and leading America. Bill Clinton also says during his opening statement, “It is important to me that everybody who has been hurt know that the sorrow I feel is genuine: first and most important, my family; also my friends, my staff, my Cabinet, Monica Lewinsky and her family, and the American people. I have asked all for their forgiveness.” Clinton clearly states that he feels sorrow for his mistakes and begs for forgiveness, not only to his family but al...

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...Jewish friend gave him a passage from the Yom Kippur liturgy that also helped him forgive himself. He stated this because it shows that he respects all religions and knows that every religion states good aspects of life. This shows respect to all his supporters from different religions.

On September 11, 1998, Bill Clinton gave a speech that numerous types of people have been waited for. In this speech he asserted the mistake he has done be have sexual relations with then intern, Monica Lewinsky. This speech was mainly intended for his family, friends, Monica Lewinsky, national government, other countries, his supporters including religious supporters and his cabinet members. Clinton gave his main points on what he would do as president after this act, how he forgave himself and how he begged for forgiveness from everyone knowing what he did was a sin and unethical.

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