Essay on Bill Clinton: A Life of Controversy

Essay on Bill Clinton: A Life of Controversy

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Clinton impressed people with the idea of a family man in office. He was focused and charismatic. Better economy was what the American people wanted so that is what his goal was. During his reign he went through more scandals and controversies than any other president. He was impeached, yet despite all, he was loved by America. Our economy prospered and we had better diplomatic relations. The American people wanted change for the better and so they elected William Jefferson Clinton for their forty-second president of the United States of America.
Unique Information about Election
Bill Clinton won his 1992 election campaign because he focused on the worsening economy while Bush ignored the problem. His campaign slogan was, “It’s the economy, stupid.” He won this election with only forty percent approval rating because the Republican vote was split between Bush and Ross Perot. He won reelection in 1996 because of his popularity with the people and for the way the economy improved while he served his first four years. In the election of 1996, there were not strong presidential candidates. Robert Dole, a WWII veteran, ran for the Republicans and Ross Perot ran for the Reform party (Independent).
In President Clinton’s first inaugural address, he pressed on the point of the economy. He spoke of failing business and stagnant wages. He pointed out the need for health care reform. Clinton also touched the problem of the crime problems. He wanted to “Renew America” and invest more in the people and their jobs. He planned to cut the massive national debt and be more involved with foreign affairs. Clinton lastly aspired to use Franklin D. Roosevelt’s approach on “bold, persistent experimentation”. He promised all of thi...

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... President Clinton commanded the U.S. Justice Department to organize the first-ever concentrated effort on deadbeat parents who repudiate to obtain financial responsibility for their own children. Furthermore, he signed an Executive Order tracking down federal employees who owed child support.
What Mark in American History is Clinton best known for?
Unfortunately, for Bill Clinton, he is best known for his affair with Monica Lewinsky. When people look back on his eight years of presidency, they do not remember how he helped the economy or how created strong diplomatic ties. They remember the countless scandals that erupted around him. They remember the social disturbance that each of the investigations caused. They also remember the first ever impeachment of an elected president. Regrettably all of his accomplishments were blemished by his social misconduct.

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