Bilingualism Of A Foreign Language Essay

Bilingualism Of A Foreign Language Essay

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Learning a language is more than memorizing words. Acquiring fluency in a foreign language teaches students problem solving skills and thinking rigorously. Also, it offers many advantages in the social world. All students must achieve fluency in at least one foreign language before reaching high school to gain a more multifaceted education. Bilingualism is a useful tool in the global economy. Today, with the growth of the internet, businesses cross the oceans and unite all continents. Trade between certain countries requires an understanding of speech and culture. In order to negotiate effectively, agreements should be established that take into account differences in business practices. Therefore, it is necessary to hire bilingual workers so that the language is not an obstacle in the moment of making the connections. Today, there is a great demand for bilingual professionals. Those who can speak more than one language will win more than monolinguals. Bilingualism also increases the knowledge of different cultures. Cultural customs play a large role in acquiring a foreign language. This is how the study of a language creates awareness of diversity. This knowledge extends to the acceptance of cultural differences throughout the world, especially in business.
In addition to the advantages in the social world, bilingualism has some benefits in cognitive skills. Some people do not support bilingualism in children. The opposition believes that the need to separate the two languages inhibits the ability to think rigorously. But the study by Pearl and Lambert, who focused on experiments on the ability of monolingual and bilingual children, shows the opposite. The hypothesis expected that the bilinguals rendered equal or worse than the m...

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...he occurrence of teaching immersion goes a grow.
On the other hand, there are people who do not agree with teaching in another language. They believe that children in primary school are too young to take up so many challenges in education. Opponents emphasize children 's right to learn everything in their native language. Also, they think that bilingualism does not create an advantage for children. However, using immersion to teach a language effectively provides an ideal setting to experience all aspects of the language. It is important that resources be available to students who wish to do so. Bilingualism in children is an executable goal in the United States. Through the creation of more immersive schools, students can challenge themselves and gain a more multifaceted education. In addition, bilingualism broadens the horizons of diversity in the world in general.

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