Essay on Bilingual Education : Why It Is Necessary

Essay on Bilingual Education : Why It Is Necessary

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Bilingual Education: Why it is Necessary
Language is a fundamental component of any interpersonal relationship. What becomes of those that cannot be understood? Disregarding contributions because of language could be discarding the greatest intellectual development of the twenty-first century, and one might never know about it. This demonstrates the importance of knowing multiple languages, whether it is Sign Language, Spanish, French, Dutch, Mayan, or any other medium of communication. Cultures throughout history have crumbled as a result of language barriers, leaving only artifacts and records to tell their story. This has been exhibited in various indigenous civilizations across the globe, such as the Coast Miwok language, which had been spoken from the San Francisco Bay to Bodega Bay. The various languages spoken throughout the world demand a medium of translation in order for the human race to work together and provide for one another. Often times in history, the translation necessary to trigger a pivotal event has been supplied by a single person, such as La Malinche, who interpreted for Hernán Cortés and Montezuma, King of the Aztecs. Without La Malinche’s involvement, the Aztec empire may have never been conquered, and the world would not be as we know it today. This demonstrates why bilingualism is necessary on a wide scale. However, it also offers many personal benefits that improve intellectuality. Despite the apprehension towards bilingual education in America, devoting knowledge toward other languages promises nothing less than prosperity in one’s academics, heritage, and cognition. Some claim that learning a second language will detract from one’s native language and distance them from their culture. Furthermore,...

... middle of paper ... opens doors for people not only in their local communities, but on a global scale.
It has also been proven to advance cognition function by improving conflict management, executive controls, and sound recognition. Students who are bilingual have two active languages in their minds and develop flexibility skills by constantly processing and translating in both languages. These mental activities have illustrated to be beneficial through impressive academic achievements. For these reasons, bilingual education in the United States is critical. Language is the single most important asset in human civilization. Prior to it, cave men communicated through grunts and images. Not only does language tie people together, but it also has an impact on one’s mentality and personal affairs, blocking off the rest of the world’s languages would seal closed countless critical doors.

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