Bilingual Education Is A Bad Thing Essay

Bilingual Education Is A Bad Thing Essay

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Language is a part of culture and it’s the way we communicate with each other; this is a sacred thing that should be respected across cultures. The ban on bilingual education is inherently racist. People that are for proposition 227 can give many valid sounding reasons that this bill is a good idea, but it is not. When you dig deeper into the facts, there is literally no reason that bilingual education is a bad thing. People are afraid of change and they fear that as Spanish becomes more widely used, English will somehow fade away. This bill should be repealed because change is a good thing, bilingualism will connect us, and using more than one language helps society in many ways.
As more Hispanic people move to the United States, change will occur. This is not a bad thing. This country is very different than it was 200 years ago and most people can agree that is a good thing. In order to move forward, change has to occur. Part of this change is embracing and integrating other cultures into ours. When another culture comes in, the original one doesn’t magically disappear. More peop...

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