Bilingual Classes : A Second Language At An Early Age Essay example

Bilingual Classes : A Second Language At An Early Age Essay example

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Bilingual Classes
En caso de una segunda lengua puede enseñar a una edad temprana? My answer to this question is yes. For many years researches have studied whether or not it is beneficial to learn a second language at an early age. Today, more of the world’s population is bilingual or multilingual than monolingual. The Associated Press reports that up to 66% if the world’s children are raised bilingual. The Census Bureau found that there are four major language groups in the US besides English, they are: Spanish, other Indo-European languages, Asian and Pacific Island languages and all other languages. According to the ACS published in 2011, there was about 21 percent of 5 year olds and older who spoke a language besides English at home. Of that 21 percent more than 50 percent of those people spoke Spanish as their main language. Over the last 35 years the percentage of people who spoke a language other than English in their home more than doubled. With the rising rates of Spanish speaking people, it is important that our youth learn to speak the second language at an early age. Becoming bilingual at an early rather than later in life is very beneficial.
The demand for bilingual classes in Oregon is booming. Oregon currently has 70 dual-language programs with many more on the way. Oregon is currently suffering from a shortage of teachers, because as programs multiply and expand into middle and high schools, it gets much harder to find teachers who are qualified in the necessary subject area, as well as, have the language ability. Last November, the state awarded nearly $900,000 in grants for new dual language programs in eight Oregon districts (Manning). According to Martha Martinez, “The demand is only going to increase - not ...

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...hings I did remember from 5th grade to freshman year, was the days of the week and hasta la vista, which honestly won’t get you very far in a conversation. In high school, we were required to take at least two years of a foreign language and after that we could continue if we wanted to. By the end of my senior year there was only 10 of us that actually completed all four years of the Spanish course. I knew that I needed to continue because it would be an advantage for a future job, but I have also been in a relationship with my Hispanic boyfriend since 7th grade. I have had many barriers to communicating with his family, not only the language barrier, but as well as cultural differences. If I would have had the opportunity to learn Spanish in elementary school, I would have been able to communicate better now, as well as have a better understanding of their culture.

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