Bilingual Behavioral Health At The Norwich Health Center Essay

Bilingual Behavioral Health At The Norwich Health Center Essay

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Being a very informed, engaged and knowledgeable CEO of United Community Family Services, I know I’m not the first concerned employee that is communicating to you the increasing need for bilingual behavioral health clinicians at the Norwich Health Center. UCFS’s mission and values reflect the agencies vision of being a premier community based organization that provides health and human services to individuals and families across Eastern Connecticut. We strive to meet the needs of the community and the expectations of our clients, as well as providing culturally competent and linguistically appropriate services. However, there has been a rising need for bilingual speaking behavioral health clinicians due to growing population of Spanish speaking clients. Being an intern at the agency, I am able to collaborate with the clinicians and hear what their concerns are within the agency to witness how they work together to solve them efficiently. This issue of this example of cultural competence is a popular topic under discussion. I believe that I can create and initiate a plan of action to help meet the needs of our agencies diverse population. My goals are to help generate a bilingual hiring process to hire experienced, bilingual social worker and therapists that will help our agencies cultural competence. That will in turn will improve and open up opportunity for our behavioral health services.
Not employing enough bilingual behavioral health clinicians adversely affects UCFS’s responsiveness to our clients. I became aware of the severity of the need for bilingual clinicians one of the first weeks interning. The agency sends out mass emails frequently, especially announcing job postings, as you are aware. One of the main job posting I...

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... at UCFS, they will be on procedural 90 day probationary period to monitor and evaluate their work and progress to make sure that the employee is the right fit. During this period I will be monitoring the needs of behavioral health services, and gage how many clients are now being served after my proposed hiring strategy. I will be able to collect research on how many Spanish or foreign language speaking clients were served by our new bilingual employees, as well as review the previous bilingual employee’s schedules to make sure that they are still comfortable with their work load after the addition of three more bilingual clinicians. I believe that my strategy to implement cultural change in my field agency would be very successful and help many individuals who experience language barriers on a daily basis receive the necessary mental health services that they need.

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