The Biggest Transition Of My Life Essay

The Biggest Transition Of My Life Essay

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The biggest transition in my life was when my family moved from Russia to the United States. I was born in Ufa, the capital city of the republic of Bashkortostan. My parents were very young at the time, both aged 33. My brother was two and I was five. Moving from a place that my parents spend most of their adulthood in was very hard for them. My parents wanted us to be submerged in a Russian cultural surrounding, going to the same school, and knowing the children of their good friends. Their dreams soon were suppressed when they realized that they weren’t able to sustain the family in the environment that we were living in. They felt deprived of what they really wanted. At the time, we lived in a condensed one bedroom apartment. The building was very old and consisted of a lot of internal and external problems. The cold, harsh winters left the house in shambles by the end of the season. Even simple tasks like throwing the trash away, my parents would have to walk all the way down the street and throw it in the collectible garbage bin. The living conditions that they were living...

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