The Biggest Difficulty About Education Essay

The Biggest Difficulty About Education Essay

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Being a teenager is really tough. This is the time where you have to deal with the most changes in your life. Today in class we were asked to write an essay on the top three pressures we feel as teenagers. The three pressures I feel are the most common among teenagers are being popular or fitting in, academics, and living up to everyone else’s expectations along with your own. I will clarify these terms and provide tips on how to confront them.
First, “being popular” and “fitting in”. What does that even mean? These phrases could have so many different meanings. The confirmed definition of popular is: regarded with great favor, approval, or affection especially by the general public. Why does this even contribute to teenagers. It is upsetting that society nowadays has to rank people or judge them by popularity. There are even articles and tutorials on the internet about how to become popular in school! Honestly, it’s pathetic. Teenagers are faced with so much pressure because of popularity issues, most of them are bullied or become bullies because of it. All the cliques and groups go to your head and make you feel like you are worthless. That can lead to depression, but that is another topic and will be elaborated on another time.
Secondly, Academics. In the world today, education is key to success. You have to do extremely well in your educational career, to even look into a job. Because if you don’t study well, you fail your big test. If you fail your big test, you fail the class. If you fail the class, your get stressed out. If you get stressed out, you fail more classes. If you fail more classes, you don’t graduate high school. If you don’t graduate high school, you don’t get into college, and if you don’t get into college it ...

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...else’s expectations, but also live up to your own.
If you are a teenager, you cope with stress and pressure everyday. You may face pressure about, friendships, family, grades, tests, homework, lack of sleep, health, extracurricular activities, your love life, your future, the list is endless. So if you are considered “unpopular” or people look at you as an “outcast”, don’t sweat it. You may end up being their boss someday, and it’s really not worth your time. If you struggle with school and can’t seem to keep a decent GPA or you can never get your homework done, set up a routine and stick to it and ask for help when needed. Lastly, if you can’t live up to everyone else’s expectations along with your own, do what makes you happy and you will find that everyone else around you will be too. These are the top three pressures I feel are the most common among teenagers.

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