The Biggest Changes Since Post World War II Essay

The Biggest Changes Since Post World War II Essay

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Anthropology is broadly defined as the study of humans. In it we learn all about how we have changed culturally, linguistically, historically, and physically over time. Like in any of the sciences however, the ideas, thoughts, and practices used in anthropology have change drastically over time. These changes were caused when anthropologist at the time realized that the way that they were doing things were wrong. They also realized that these errors that they were making were creating some issues over time. So in order to prevent future anthropologist from thinking like Morgan did during his time in the present time, they changed their ways. Some of the biggest changes happened post-World War II. The five theorists that helped aid in this change are Mascia-Lees, Clifford, Foucault, Bourdieu, and Bourgois and Schonfeld.
The first theorists that should be talked about are Bourgois and Schonfeld. Bourgois and Schonfeld studied a rather interesting part of the population. The people that they studied were all homeless was well as had some form of drug abuse. They studied the people referred to as the Edgewater homeless. With their interesting way for writing their article. Instead of just writing they also showed pictures to document the real life of this group. Each photograph captures the real issues and struggles of the group. The pictures add to show the reality that writing alone could not do justice to.
Bourgois and Schonfelds work captured many things. Their work first captured the culture shared by these people. As odd as it is there is a certain type of culture that appears in this group. If one would like to go on it could be said that the group is a group of people who are just trying to help themselves in a way while als...

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...onestly it is all out there. He talks about how doctors want to know about sex and what would be considered sexually deviant. There is also research in how sexual power is produced.
All these theories helped to contribute to the more modern day concepts and ideas about anthropology. Bourgois and Schonfeld brought the great idea of talking about contemporary problems and shedding light on what they are and the faces of who it is. Bourdieu talked about symbolic capitalism and how it is use and the effects that it has. Clifford’s ideas about how to change ethnography really have helped to make modern day ethnographies better. Marscia-Lees showed us that these ideas were thought of before but the changes were not brought to light. Foucault talked about how soldiers, sex, and biopower. Without these theorist modern day anthropology would be much different than it is now.

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