Essay on The Big Wind Energy Company

Essay on The Big Wind Energy Company

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Even though wind energy looks very promising there are downsides to it. Not everyone thinks that wind energy is the energy producer of the future, and they have their reasons to believe that. Bringing it local and a bit more personal, windfarms are currently being proposed to be built in Clinton County Missouri, where I grew up my whole life and currently still live there. I myself have heard first hand from community members and land owners just how much they do not want to see these wind turbines to go up on their land or in their town because of the effect they will have on livestock and property value.
When researching and reading all the articles and posts that people who live in the area are shearing, it resembles to a great amount to the movie that we watched in class covering fracking. The big wind energy company NextEra based out of Florida is coming in and trying to talk their way into obtaining land rights from land owners and saying whatever they can to make themselves look good and making sure nothing bad is being spread about them. NextEra is owned by Florida light and power which serves 4.8 million customers, in comparison Kansas City power and light serves 800,000 customers.
Tom Lawlor, a resident of Plattsburg Missouri, which falls into the zone of Clinton County, were the turbines are projected to go up exclaims, “The windmills are an insult to the beauty of our county. The windmills are initially impressive, but ugly they are, and pretty they aren’t. We are fortunate to enjoy the beauty of this land and its productivity. It is bestowed on us by powers far beyond my comprehension. Our time to enjoy the land is brief and fleeting. With our care the beauty of our land will be preserved long into the future. We h...

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...all at the same time solving the global problem of trying to implement new green technology to help reduce greenhouse gas emission and try to help reverse global warming.
Wind energy along with other renewable energies are the future of our country, but in order to implement them into the structure of our nation we must take baby steps and learn from past experiences. We must learn what works and what doesn’t work, we must learn where to properly place turbines and where to not place turbines to harness the natural wind of the world, and most importantly we must continue learning more and more about wind technology and continue to enhance it. I feel confident that in the future we will figure out where to place these turbines that will not only benefit the nation but at the same time benefit the people that live in the nation without causing harm to them.

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