Essay on Big Vs. Small Sized Families

Essay on Big Vs. Small Sized Families

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Research Paper: Big vs. Small Sized Families

"Americans, on average, believe that 2.5 children are ideal. Nearly 6 in 10 Americans believe smaller -- two children or fewer -- are ideal. (Carroll). Family size has been a hot topic for decades because everyone has a different opinion on their "perfect" family. Is a family of three or four better off than that of five or six plus? Having two or fewer children is the ideal family size based on social and economic aspects. Families with one or two children have a stronger relationship with each other and have greater success in academics and the work field.

Gallup, which has been asking about ideal family size since 1936, says that until 1967, more Americans preferred a larger family, with three or more children. Two took hold in the 1970s and has remained the top choice, with 52% of 1,007 adults in 2007 (the most recent year surveyed) saying two is best. Back then, it was common to for families to have more than 5 children. I was born in 1960 and had three sisters and four brothers (Wilkins). Today, people worldwide are choosing to ha...

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