Essay on Big Top, Big Trouble

Essay on Big Top, Big Trouble

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The late August heat, the early September breeze, and the warm setting sun make for a night of amusement and fun-filled memories. Walking under the Big-Top, you catch a quick glance at a large gray beast, a feisty orange feline, and a miniature yellow car accompanied with a giant human outfitted with a red nose and a polka-dotted body. The circus is a fantastic way to be entertained by a large array of the world’s most magnificent animals.
The circus is a pleasant time for most but for others it’s a nightmare. It is simple for mankind: if you do not like the circus, do not attend. The choice for animals is not so easy; they are the main attraction and therefore, forced to attend. Animals are the stars of the show, the entertainment of the night, and the backbone of the circus. As with anything on this planet, looks can be deceiving; that is the looks of the circus. At the end of the night all seems well, but behind the scenes there is much exploitation! The unethical treatment of circus animals has been going on since the circus began and will continue to go on until something is done about it.
One of the major participants in this crisis goes by the name Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey. Although they claim that their practices are legitimate and they abide by the rules, it seems a bit sticky. According to the Ringling Brothers web site, “ a relationship [with animals] is built on respect, trust, affection, and uncompromising care…training methods are based on reinforcement in the form of food rewards and words of praise.” Food rewards, do they starve the animals until the master an act? Well, no, not according to the Ringling web site, it is stated, “Withholding food and physical abuse is prohibited.” Clean stalls, in...

... middle of paper ... worth it to have safe and happy animals.

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