The Big Three Religions Of New World Essay

The Big Three Religions Of New World Essay

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In a world where full of choices and competition, it only makes since that religion should be full of options as well. The big three religions in the world were founded well over 1000 years ago, and were born in a much different time period in which people live in today. New World Religions are the missing puzzle piece for some who do not feel at home with the worlds older Religions. New world religions have some benefits as they provide religious practices based out of the modern world. By using science and the study of nature, new world religions help some find religions who do not feel at home with the worlds older religions.
New religions movements are defined as any religious group that has come to be in modern times, and is large enough to study (Van Voorst 333). As of 2015 there are over 500 new religious movements (Van Voorst 334). They also vary quite a bit, with some focusing on the scientific world and the study of how the brain works. While other religions are much less scientific, they instead focus on the alienation of humans from nature (Van Voorst 341). Most new world religions have their fair share of controversial practices, yet there are some benefits of being a new religion in a new world.
One of the first benefits that new religious movements have is that they are founded by a single powerful leader (Van Voorst 336). Often, this leader is still alive, of he has passed it has not been an absorbent amount of time. With today’s record keeping abilities, his scripture is also very well documented. This helps keep the church pure and true to the cause of the religion. Compared to older religions, having the leader of the church speak about what one should believe is a lot more accurate than disciples passing do...

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...ble to focus on themself. By focusing on one’s body and inner soul, happiness and peacefulness can be attained. It is these kind of thoughts that led to the wide spread success of Yoga. While Yoga is considered to be non-religious, it does however share many traits with self-discovery based religion (Van Voorst 339).
New wave religions give people a broader choice when it comes to the religion they choose to practice. While it is true they do have their fair share of controversy, new religions do help to give people happiness in their lives. Having a visual leader is also attractive to some instead of a distant god. Being in touch with modern technology also gives new religious movements an edge over older traditional religions. Nonetheless new wave religions serve their purpose to fill the void in some people’s lives who do not feel at home with older religions.

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