The Big Score By Daniel Mcginn Essay

The Big Score By Daniel Mcginn Essay

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Americans always have educational judgment at the tips of their shallow, stubborn tongues. We just continue to throw money at education without getting the goals of what needs to happen fully developed. Aside from this issue of where we need to be when graduating a grade level, we have ones that could be fixed if we could just focus more within the states. The education system has many different problems including standardized tests, censorship of curriculum, and bullying of students which are most troubling to me because rarely, do we take steps to fix these problems.
We focus so much on preparing our students for standardized testing still today that students aren’t “really learning.” In “The Big Score” written by Daniel McGinn in 1999, he talks about how standardized tests continue to change and as a result, the student’s educational learning suffers. After talking to students, parents, and teachers about how their thoughts on the tests he states, “These kids say real learning is being shoved aside as teachers focus on boosting test scores” (261). McGinn expresses how the children he talked to feels that because of the need for higher scores, states are neglecting helping student’s lean something other than how to take a test. It has been several years since McGinn wrote “The Big Score,” but when I was a grade school student, I felt the same way. When we were near testing time we would spend two or more weeks on preparing for the big day. States want better scores to prove to the rest that they have a better education system but in the end, they are just showing that in that aspect of education, they are the same. The states and their school are only focused on standardized tests, not actual learning.
When the curriculum goes ...

... middle of paper ... seems to change and the curriculum changes along with it. We are always worried about the educational system but we don’t get anywhere in fixing what we feel is wrong with it. Americans can never agree on set goals for what children should know at the end of each year, nor what young adults need to know when they graduate from high school and enter the work force or college. Setting goals is our first step towards making the changes possible with education. Getting states and their schools on the same page will greatly improve the way that the nation learns. The education that students receive would be the same across the United States and would improve our cities. Fixing the problems with standardized tests, censored curriculum, and bullying will set the educational system on the right track to helping our students become well educated citizens of their society.

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