Essay on The Big Led Change Over

Essay on The Big Led Change Over

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The Big LED Change Over

“You’ll never buy another light bulb again” they said.
“You’ll create less demand for fossil-fuel-generated power” they said.
“You’ll save thousands of dollars” they said.
A few years ago we found ourselves standing in the light bulb aisle at our local big-box hardware store, feeling dumbfounded and paralyzed by the overwhelming range of options. Walking up and down the aisle for half an hour or more, reading packages and comparing prices, color temperature, lumens, watts, hours of life, etc., we find ourselves parked in front of this array of options for simply lighting one’s home. Other customers came in, picked out there selections and were gone while we still stood there gazing, incapable of making a decision. I turn a look at my honey, who doesn’t deal well with frustration, getting angry and decide enough is enough, so we walk out of the store empty handed. I’m not sure if it’s more frustrating to have spent the time or to be empty-handed or both. A sometimes forgotten tenant of minimalism and sustainability is to use the things you have instead of loading up landfills with perfectly serviceable products, so we will continue to use the light bulbs we have for the time being. We’ll cross this frustrating bridge when nonfunctional light bulbs necessitate it.
For 100 years, incandescent light bulbs were all that was available and we all learned the terminology that went with them, and learned to feel comfortable with the color of light they produced. Some years ago, our society started seeing the florescent lights we’re all familiar with from our elementary school cafeterias, as well as those oh-so pleasant government buildings, in the form of light bulbs that fit into the lamps we all have in our homes...

... middle of paper ... have to turn it on because it’s noisy and, although it’s only a bit, it still drinks fuel. On a boat, fixtures run on AC and DC so they can run off the batteries so changing over to LED light bulbs also means changing lighting fixtures.
The issue of which light bulb to buy, that we put off a few years ago when we walked out of the big-box home improvement store empty-handed, has now become more urgent. The less power we can use on the boat, the more we can live without turning on the generator. So we again revisit the question of which light bulb to buy. Putting off the decision seems to have served us in that we no longer wonder if CFL or halogen is an option. In the time we were avoiding dealing with it, technology seems to have delivered a clear winner in this battle. Decisively, LED uses less power than all the competitors. So we changed our boat over to LED.

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