The Big Five Project : Test Taker 's Personality Essay

The Big Five Project : Test Taker 's Personality Essay

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It is important to everyone to know what are their values in life, and what they want to be, and stand for in their journey, morally and ethically. To understand and reach those values that we are seeking, we need to understand ourselves and our personalities first, and then we can frame a plan that will help us to reach our moral goals, and put it in practice in our everyday real life dilemmas. One way to examine ourselves is to take “the big five project” test. This test was made by several psychologists since the 1970’s, like Paul Costa, Robert McCrae, and more. Psychologists believe that human personalities are divided into five strains, opening to new experiences, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism, the overall feedback of the test will give a general result of the test taker’s personality. I took the test, and the feedback were not very surprising, but for sure interesting.
the first category was the opening to experience, and surprisingly I was more to the close minded side. I mostly prefer the traditional and familiar experience more. After thinking thoroughly, I realized that is absolutely true about myself, but I definitely want to change that because we live in a world that move very fast and things change in about every seven years, being closed mind and always thinking in the box will not help me exceed and be in the place that I want to be in the future. And to break those rules I have to, first, to step out of my comfort zoon, as much I love to be the listener, I have to speak up my Ideas, that will be uncomfortable at first but this will make people listen to my Ideas and maybe cretic and refine them, and doing this I might meet some people that have something in common with me that ma...

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...decisions, which I believe is the right thing to do. I’m majoring in business administration, and in this field sometimes emotions can be a distraction, also staying calm during certain situations will aid me to make the best decision.
In the end, I found out that I’m a quiet person who prefer to keep her ideas to herself and prefer familiar environments, also enjoy being in a team. my goal now is to be more extroverted and more creative. I think reading and involving in events will help me be more extroverted person as well as more creative. Stepping out of my comfort zoon will eventually make me more sociable and talkative. All in all, I think this test is a great way to test ourselves and see where we stand now, and what is our strength and weaknesses. And after understanding our personalities, we can draw a plan to improve ourselves and reach our best selves.

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