The Big Five Of Job Performance Essay

The Big Five Of Job Performance Essay

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Organizations in the private and public sectors have long been striving to improve employees’ job performance. It is well acknowledged that job performance depends on a variety of factors (Hunter & Hunter, 1984; Barrick & Mount, 1991; Hunter, 1986; Judge & Bono, 2001; Beehr et al., 2000). One of the factors that caught a lot of academic attention is personality. The question of whether personality measures are valid predictors of job performance has been tested by many researchers around the world. While early empirical studies showed little support for the relationship between personality traits and job performance, the advent and consolidation of the Five Factor Model organized the taxonomy of personality and resulted in a body of research assessing the predictive validity of the Big Five in job performance. Although the conclusions of different meta-analyses are inconsistent to some extent, there are consistent and robust findings supporting the validities of Conscientiousness and Emotional Stability in predicting job performance across occupations and across cultures. All the other three personality dimensions are significantly correlated with certain constructs of job performance under certain conditions. Therefore, personality traits account for significant variances in job performance and there is great potential for the use of personality tests in organizational decision-making contexts.
Earlier research in the area showed quite pessimistic results regarding the relations between personality and job performance. Mischel (1968) claimed that personality measures explained only a trivial amount of variance in social performance and that personality was inconsistent across situations. In Guion and Gottier’s (1965) classic art...

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..., greatly improving organizational success.
In sum, a relatively large amount of variances in job performance can be attributed to individual differences in personality when properly measured. While there are differences depending on specific job performance criteria and specific occupations, Conscientiousness and Emotional Stability were found to be consistent predictors for job performance in almost all occupations without geographical boundaries. The remaining Big Five personality factors were found to account for different amounts of variances in specific job performance criteria in specific occupations. Therefore, personality traits show situational specificity in their predictive validity. Future research may explore the specific relationship between personality traits and job performance in greater details to better use the findings in applied contexts.

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