Essay on The Big Five Model Of Personality

Essay on The Big Five Model Of Personality

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- Personality Insights. Per the Big Five model of personality, my highest score is a 9 on the Openness to experience. I am in the range from 7 to 11 which indicates I am at a moderate level of having an imaginative, an artistically sensitive, and intellectual thinking. This score is also a good predictor of my ability to achieve significant benefits from training efforts.
- Values and Attitude Insights. My score in this module is 27 within a range from 10 to 60. The higher my score, the more involved I am in my job. High job involvement could be a two-edge sword because I will not have time for my personal leisure as in my balanced personal life. Based on job satisfaction’s score, I have a 78 which is a good indication of my job satisfaction within my job environment, my supervisor, and my colleagues. The result on my attitude toward workplace is 6 within a range of score from +35 to -35. The score of 6 would give an indication that I am diversity realist.
- Motivation Insights. “Am I a procrastinator?” Procrastinator is a person who has a tendency to postpone, delay, or avoid performing tasks or making decisions. The score is ranged from 0 to 52. The higher the score, the more a person are prone to procrastinate. Scores of 13 or less suggest that I don’t delay decisions or life activities.
- Decision Marking Insights. My emotional intelligence’s score is 38. Emotional intelligence is a number of skills and competencies that could influence a person’s ability in coping with pressures and different demands of the environments. The score is from 10 to 50. My number of 36 indicates that I have a moderate level of handling pressure and environmental demands.
- Other. “How good am I at personal planning?” My score f...

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... its broadcasters for the word foreign instead of international (Robbins & Judge, 2009).
Step 3:
Refer to ideas from the article as you complete this step, and consider how your own personality weaknesses have been or can be transformed into personality strengths.
“Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful.” (Corinthians 13:4-5) It is important that I understand my own behavioral tendencies and other individuals’” (Fischer, 2006). The scores that I received from the test are only an estimation and by no means a full an accurate measurements of who I am as a human being. My existence is to serve God’s purpose. Whenever I feel down or resentful, I could always pray to the Lord for his savior and I know I will have his blessings as I have, I am and I will.

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