Big Data And The Business Industry Essay

Big Data And The Business Industry Essay

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“Big Data” has recently become a buzz word in the business industry. Huge “Big Data” sources are stored on the cloud, making it readily available for many organizations (Power, 2014). It is typically use across all sectors in which the number of employees is more than 100. Several companies have embraced the concept and used data to operate a successful business. “Big Data” allows companies to make informed decisions rather than relying solely on previous experience (Janakiraman, et al., 2015). In short, “Big Data” allows companies to make data driven decisions that were not possible with traditional methodologies (Janakiraman, et al., 2015). Nonetheless, managers cannot use “Big Data” to make decisions blindly, intellectual and emotional intelligence must also factor into decisions even with the insight from “Big Data” (Janakiraman, et al., 2015). However, the real challenge is transforming data into information and knowledge (Moldoveanu, 2013). Organizations need data scientists with the correct skill set to exploit “Big Data” and organizations needs to transform themselves to take full advantage of “Big Data” (Janakiraman, et al., 2015). Big Data is a broad term used to define vast amount of information that is large and complex. Apparently, Frances Diebold was the first to coin the term in 2013 to represent the data explosion (Janakiraman, et al., 2015). Large companies such as Google, Oracle and Microsoft must define the technology required to deliver the promise of “Big Data” (Janakiraman, et al., 2015). This data is so huge that traditional software programs for data processing are inadequate. The limitations of available software include analysis of data, a method to capture data, a process for curatio...

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...afety, availability and meaningfulness (Kahn, 1990).
Currently, mapping such a complex condition is not possible with current software systems. Mining “Big Data” can provide such information to managers. Thus, it is well understood that employee engagement is the prerequisite for the ultimate success of the entire organization in any given industry.
While HR “Big Data” management has become a recent trend in the corporate world, still there’s very little information available on its effect on employee engagement (O 'Toole, 2013). To address this unmet need this conceptual paper will first explore the literature regarding “Big Data” management followed by its relevance to employee engagement as it pertains to HR. This is then followed by three propositions that relate to employee hiring, training and engagement, and finally and most importantly, employee retention.

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