Big Changes With Minor Oversight Essays

Big Changes With Minor Oversight Essays

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One of the significant figures in human history the scientists Charles Darwin once commented, “ In the long history of humankind those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed ”( This implies that success comes with collective efforts and using imagination. Similarly in order to have beneficial effects on something it is necessary to understand its interpretation. In the case of social media, it can be said that some people misunderstand its role in today’s life. Presently users live in new era of social media. As the role of the social media expanded and changed the view about connection, people started to change their pre historical habits and daily lives. Still some people argue against it. In the article “Faux Friendship”, William Deresiewicz asserts, that today people tend to make a lot of friends, without deep understanding of virtual sense of friendship and that representation of a real friend extinguished. Author emphasizes the negative effects of social networks in human friendship. He explains how social networks have changed the view about friendship and how image of friendship has gradually transformed into a new form. Even though the tone of the article was negative towards social media, the initial purpose of the social media was not to change the meaning of friendship. It was used to post some information for the public, to get and transmit messages and exchange software (Rosen 189). Now, social media helps people to stay connected, to be informed (about current events), and to share their ideas. Despite the people’s misuse of the social media that could contribute to negative consequences, it plays a major role in the evolution of interpersonal relations of human be...

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