'Big Box' Companies Essay

'Big Box' Companies Essay

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Where does the companies get the name ‘big box’? The companies gained this title due to their physical characteristics; that is their extensive footage, broad line-up of items available for sale, windowless and squared display, and their location in residential areas. They are usually referred to the enormous and destroyer stores such as Wal-mart, Best Buy, Sears, and Home depot. For the past few decades, these companies have shaped the economy and physical landscape of various countries, such as America, Canada. In the United States, the most popular country, these companies are the most gigantic and moneymaking companies there are to be found. Even though these stores have a positive impact on the world, many local residents are affected by the costs related to the management and development of these companies. The government should mandate that all 'Big Box' companies give back to their communities so as not to undercut small local businesses or local retail shop or enterprises, to fight poverty, and to promote an environmentally friendly and healthy environment.

Firstly, the 'Big Box' companies have helped to increase productivity and caused consumer prices to fall. They use high-volume sales against price mark-ups to generate profits; therefore, they are often able to sell their goods at lower prices, which attract more clients to purchase in their companies compared to small local and independent stores. The higher is be the number of consumers, the higher is the profit. But, these stores have mainly an impact on local low-income residents and retail shops. With the large amount of money they have, they invest it in advertising, special promotions; therefore the chains are able to undermine small regional shops and crus...

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...y are largely contributing to the welfare of the local residents and shops? It is unfair to penalize these companies to the detriment of the community. The government has no right in imposing such discriminatory law against these ‘big box’ companies. These laws will have a negative impact on the sustainability of the company, thus resulting into a bankruptcy.

To conclude, ‘big box companies’ should integrate a win win business model in the form of Corporate Social Responsibility by engaging in social actions which have a positive impact on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public. This creation of shared value is based on the idea that corporate success and social welfare are interdependent. A business needs a healthy, educated workforce, sustainable resources and adept government to compete effectively.

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